Knife Etiquette and Care

The following are a few guide lines and common courtesies

  • Do not wipe the blade or bolsters on your shirt or pants. Please use a clean chamois only.
  • Do not flick blades open, please use the nail nick or thumb stud.
  • Do not allow blades to close from the open or half stop position, please lower it to the closed position gently, you will see and feel if the knife “walks and talks”. This will lessen the stress to pins and handle materials, not to mention the knifemaker stress level.
  • Always wipe your knife clean before putting it in its storage place.
  • On occasion use a high-grade gun oil to lube the joint, I use Breakfree or Triflow. These are very good oils. Do not use WD-40.
  • On occasion wax natural handle materials with Renaissance Wax or lemon oil.
  • Engraved knives require special care particularly if the engraving is “bulino” which is very delicate and should not be rubbed. If not cared for properly it will loose it’s detail and contrast.


Model 23 “Split back Whittler”

Recommended Opening and Closing Instructions

I recommend you follow these instructions to help prevent marring of the blades.

  • Open the master blade first at least to the half stop position
  • Then open the pen or the coping blade. Then you may close the master blade to use the small blade of your choice.
  • To close the small blade again open the master blade and close the small blade.

The reason marring can occur is a design fault of the Split back Whittler and the fact that the small blades are very flexible. It takes some side pressure to pull open the small blades. If you will follow this directive it will help reduce the fact that they will rub.

Enjoy your knife.